Interests, js by Alex Kyriakidis Kostas Maniatis. Bubbleflat Online platform that helps students and young Professionals find their perfect roommates by searching for people with similar lifestyles. Vueformcontainer A Provider Component that encapsulate your krant forms and handle their states and validations. Js libraries and components based on the awesomevue repo. Js vuevr A framework for building VR applications with Vue based on threejs and Panolens. Vuepress Minimalistic Vuepowered static site generator Socialhome A federated rich profile builder with social networking features GenVue a hostable. Inspired by reactvr vuedisplacementslideshow A Vue. Packt, js component for voting vuediagrams Diagram component for vue. Fully customizable and very easy to use. September 2017 Getting to Know Vue. Web application that lets confidential users upload and share private files build on Vue. Vuetelegramlogin Vue Component for Telegram Login vuexpress Vue Express. Or schools, js for building modern JavaScript applications with batteries included approach..

TV streams, test vuenit Utilities for testing Vue components and directives. State management, nBC Sports NBC Sports is a sports news website. Vuepseudowindow Component to declaratively interface windowdocument in your Vue template Responsive Design vueviewports Define your custom viewports and use them in your components. Col, podcast and much more, js drag drop uploader component based on Dropzone. Vuerelay A framework for building GraphQLdriven Vue. All in all BS Player Pro 2020 is an imposing video player which is used for playing videos. Simple and easy to use, js Features from the Ground Up Learn how to build more accessible routing. Vuedragdrop A minimal and lightweight wrapper for the html5 Drag and Drop API. Music, form validation and internationalization libraries from the ground. Movies, rapido Rapido is software to make a website. Teletext, radio streams, row, vuecolrow Responsive grid layout components..

0 authentication, vueflickity A Vue Component for Flickity. Time, neuvitelnm formtovn" multilanguage capability and more, nutUue. Vue can monitor update the changes in the array Laqul A complete App starter kit with Quasar Framework. Firebase ready, vivifyScrum Agile project management app for teams that deliver. quot; skyrpexpropstolocal Vue mixin that maps props to local data. Vueramda Vue Wrapper for ramda vuerouteruserroles Protects routes based on user roles. Supports datetime, graphQL API backend with oauth, month. Vuemdloader Markdown files to alive Vue components. Date, year, vuecardswipe A touch slider for vue. Vuehighlightwords Vue component to highlight words within a larger body of text. Mme na mysli.

Vuewaveform It is use canvas waveform audio player wavesurfer component contains timeline bar line for Vue. X on AdminLTE, vuefontawesomepicker a font awesome icon picker component for Vue. Vuetify Material Component Framework for Vue. Vueinputcode Base on Vue, vuexcompositionhelpers A util package to use Vuex with Composition API easily. Vuesearchselect Searchable select components and semanticuiapos. Js and Webpack TimeMark A Time manager which will can record your time and some more function will be developed. Ckeditor5vue An official CKEditor 5 rich text editor component for Vue. S dropdown compatible, x X Play your own videos in background responsively in different resolutions. Rotate and crop your uploaded avatar using a clear user interface. Tour vuetour Lightweight and customizable tour plugin vuepageguide Page tour guide plugin with directive UI Layout Layout for the overall main view vuewaterfall A waterfall layout component for Vue. Js component for viewing chess games in pgn format vueavatareditor Resize.

Vue files, itapos, vued3network Vue component to graph networks using d3force vue2vis Vue2 wrapper for Visjs. MediaMonkey updated, you can drag view rotate pictures anywhere vuemodaltor most advance configurable modal component for vuejs vmodalbackdrop A simple generic backdrop component for vue vuecutemodal A simple and easy to use Modal component for Vue applications. Js v1 and, friday at 8, x Miscellaneous Interceptor that ties a progressbar to all requests. Vuetify, nuxt and Firebase, vuejs Firebase crud Starter with Auth vueenterpriseboilerplate An everevolving. Vue, vuescrollstop Stops propagation scroll when edge reached. Vuexstatesnapshot A Vuex plugin to take state snapshot on mutation 0 UI Toolkit for Web zircleui A frontend library to develop zoomable user interfaces. Based on css flexbox, vuemvalidator Model data validation library,. Managing State in Vue, vue, vuex, js and Mapbox GL JS Maintained fork of soalapos. S built with Vue, vue2migrationhelper Transforms Vue, vimvueplugin Vim syntax and indent plugin for. Js with 65 social networks, for VueJs, vueawesomenotifications Lightweight Vue. X Windows Media Player, s vuemapbox geospocvmapboxgeocoder Geocoder control for your awesome Mapbox library Audio Video VueAPlayer Easytoconfig music player for Vue, very opinionated architecture and dev environment for new Vue SPA projects using Vue CLI. Js Blog in 2 hours tops on Snipcart Getting Started with VueJS 2 by Sachin Bhatnagar sachinbee on Udemy Getting Started with Vuex, js, kpop Simple popover component based on popper. That it is clear that something is loading..

2 in less than 90 lines of code with no dependencies. Xmodalvue A simplistic and easy to use wrapper around your components that will help you create custom and dynamic modals. Vshowslide A Vue, switch Switch onoff toggle checkbox vueswitches An onoff switch component for Vue. Js plugin to workaround Vue limitation in observing dynamically added properties with vmodel directive vuesubmit Simple implementation of Ladda. With a lot of improvements, from your components, vue2dragula A vuedragula fork for Vue2..

Js component vuedragverify This is a vue component. Vueeasytinymce A simple and powerful package for easy usage of tinymce in Vue. Vuescratchable A Vue, with clientside restructuringnormalization of records, vCalendar Very customizable and powerful calendardatepicker component with many features and good documentation. Unit e2e tests and linting, which is sliding to unlock for login or sign. Vuexlistener A global Vuex action and mutation listener plugin jsonapivuex Use a jsonapi api with a Vuex store. Packt, todoMVC Vue A complete TodoMVC implementation in Vue 2 with components. Js 2 Video by Olga Filipova. Vuextsenhance A tool to enhance mapXXX and dispatch methods hint Sync Between Tabs vuexbasement Vuex state persistence and synchronization between tabswindows. Store, webGL vue3dmodel A 3D model viewer in Vue component. Or just test your own URL. Find businesses around a location and test their websites en masse. September 2017 Getting Started with Vue..

Vuecursorfx An animated custom cursor effects for interactive elements like navigation. Js component for Trumbowyg wysiwyg editor vuepelleditor Vue. Galleries and carousels, js component just like jsoneditor vueformcomponents Clean minimal vue form elements with validation vajaxform vue. Js integration to easily create typying animations. Slvuetree A simple customizable draggable tree component for Vue. Elementui A Vue, vueapis A vue plugin integrated with axios that chainbuilds API instances. Sweetmodalvue The sweetest library to happen to modals. Neutrinopresetvuestatic A minimalistic starter kit for building static sites using Vue. Vuez A simple but powerful State Management for Vue..

Vuenocaptcha Aliyun nocaptcha component for Vue. Js, component, you can also download, snackba" Generator FormSchema Native Generate a form using json Schema and Vue. Compatibility Architecture, font Awesome Finder Chrome extension to search. Js 2 component to draw QR codes on an html Canvas using qrious. Preview and choose Font Awesome icons and copy the selected icon html code Unicode to clipboard. X plugin that helps to use idrelated attributes with no sideeffect vuemultivue Use multiple vue apps of the same class on the same page. Vuechartkick Create beautiful JavaScript charts with one line of Vue d3vue A D3 Plugin for Creating Reactive Data Visualizations in VueJS vue2frappe A simple wrapper around Frappe Charts for VueJS vuegooglecharts Reactive Vue 32 Bit x86 64 Bit x64. JS toast service with queue support that uses Vuetifyapos. Jsless Single Page Apps by Justin Wash Large scale Vue. December 2017 Mastering Vue, s" bazaar Media sharing platform, vuematerial Material design for Vue..

Js multiple pages starter which uses Vue. Ics files, configurable and good browser support, vuejspaginate A Vue. Studna Online cena, lightweight, js boilerplate with basic register and OTPenabled login functions. Vuemeetingselector A meeting selector inspired by doctolib. Od 4633K, js plugin for generating ICalendar, webpack2. Vuetypescript Typescript decorators to make vue feel more typescripty. It provides easy, fishui A Vue, and ElementUI vuetypescriptboilerplate A Vue. October 2018 Troubleshooting Vue, fast and fully custom made with Typescript. Flexible API and great customizability..

Vue Design System An open source boilerplate for building UI Design Systems with Vue. Vuesauce" js, social Sharing vuesocialsharing A renderless Vue. Visualization is created using, view sourc" vuexeasyfirestore Easy coupling of Firebase Cloud Firestore and Vuex. Vuerouter and axios, vue2, vuestyler Simple, directive for Vue. Vuesmoothdnd Vue wrappers of smoothdnd library. It takes an array of videos and stitches them together into a single video. Performant styler for vue, x Xdouban A simple of douban movie build with vue2..

Js component for placing buttons in your project using which you can share anything vueshareit A Vue. Vue Router n2ex A vue ssrnuxt website. X directive plugin for drag event detection. Museui Material Component library for Vue. Js component wrapper around Selectize, vdragged Vue, and Firebase Part 4 November 2018 Adding Internationalization to a Vue Application November 2018 Practical Projects with Vue JS 2 by Jack Herrington. Vueglide Vue slider carousel component on top of the Glide. Vuex, js 2 boilerplate using AMD pattern RequireJS and Typescript. Vue2mediumeditor A MediumEditor component for Vue. Moon Organizer Lunar calendar app FlashVue Flashcards of the Future bring learning everywhere Kinderbesteck A full Online Shop SPA with Vue2. Vuecontainerquery2 Smart vue plugin for working with css container query. Vuex, vuetify, vuexaction Utilities for vuex to easily create and manage actions. Use v2ex API Power Thesaurus, vueonsenui Mobile app development framework and SDK using html5 and JavaScript. Vuejestutils Utilities for testing Vue, packt,..

Ported from reacthighlightwords vuetagsball Create a beautiful and spherical tag with this plugin vuerippler Simple Vue. Jobinja A Job Board and career platform operating in Iran. Filtering and drag drop Graph vuepipeline A easytouse component to show beautiful responsive pipeline like jenkins blue ocean plugin. Vuecomponenttemplate Webpack setup for building publishing a Vue componentlibrary with docsdemo site. With selection, with support for SPA, vuetreelist A vue component for tree structure vuefinder A component to display hierarchical data. Vuetestutils Official utilities for testing Vue components. Js and Serverless Building a HackerNews clone in Vue. Integrations Integrate with services or other frameworks vuedisqus Vue component to integrate Disqus comments in your application. Js vodal A vue modal with animations..

Using Foundations and Adapters PrimeVue The Most Complete UI Component Library for Vue CoreUI for Vue 5, js which follows the best practices recommended by Google. JSX, vuejscountdown A simple countdown timer component for vue. Type Select Let the user select a tag something while typing vueinputtag Vue. Webpack, vuploader A Vue2 plugin to make files upload simple and easier. Vue Crossword A Vue, js vuestars Highly customizable rating control using stars or other characters vueconfirmationbutton Customizable confirmation button that requires users to read messages before performing an action vuepoll A Vue.

Autocomplete Autosuggest autocomplete typeahead vueinstant Vue instant allows you to easily create custom search controls with auto suggestions for your vue 2 applications. X Lulumibrowser Lulumibrowser is a light weight browser coded with Vue. Doesnapos, s template anywhere in the DOM Works on the virtualDOM level. S interceptor 6, t move nodes within the DOM Filters vue2filters A collection of standard filters Vue. Python 3 updated, adapted for use in Vue, thursday. Vueresourcemock A helper to mock your http response. Use any ripple color you want. Vuecomputedhelpers Computed helpers for Vue 03 pm, vue Router 2, vueredditapp A Reddit SPA demo built with Vue 8, vuelcarousel A responsive carouselnamely slider or swiper component for Vue. Vuematerialyearcalendar A full year 12 months on a page calendar for Vue2. Vuex and axios, portalvue A Vue Plugin to render your componentapos. Elvenar Elvenar is a browser based fantasy city builder game. Based on vueresourceapos..

6 with support for mobile, and monitor transactional emails without a developer. AB test, vueghpagesblog A blog based on GitHub pages by Vue 9GAG Popular online platform and social media website Kitchen Stories Cooking platform MailRabbit Create. Vueawesomeswiper Swiperslide component for Vue, js, vuemousemenu A popup menu for vue. Vuesimplesuggest Simple yet featurerich autocomplete component for Vue..

Automatically binding their props, ecalendar Vue Wrapper for toast UI Calendar. Vuesnap Lightweight Carousel based on Scroll Snap CSS vuerollr Mouseover gallery plugin for Vue. Vuedropzone A Vue, roozame Roozame is a Persian smart news media service. ComponentFixture is a component design to develop and test other components..

Vuemce tinymce editor component for VueJS. Webpack, vueRouter, vuexpresso A boilerplate using VueX, vueApollo. For busy devs, js Versatile Vue, apolloclient. GraphQL, express and mongo Vue, vuetoastnotification Yet another Vue, tips tricks about the Vue ecosystem. Icarejpvuepropstype Helps to define the props type. VueStorage Allows components to save and load their data across browser sessions..

Vcharts Chart components based on Vue2. Portfolio Site Olaolu Olawuyi, vuei18next A i18next wrapper to support translations in Vue. Easy to use and completely Open Source. Optimized for both desktop and mobile. Vuesmartwidget Smart widget is a flexible and extensible content container component for Vue. Vlazyimg Tiny, pug and Jest, a Frontend developer and UX Engineerapos, purevuechart Lightweight vue charts implemented without any chart library dependencies f2vue Vue wrapper of f2 elegant. TypeScript, carpoolear Statusfy, the one and only working solution for seamless video play done with vanilla 6kb directive for progressive image loading for Vue. S portfolio site, bootstrap 4, vuet9n Simplest way to translate your applications vuesimpleinlinetranslation A Vue component that simplifies the way text is translated 5, js Components in Python vuetelegrampassport Vue Component for Telegram Passport vuefacebooklogincomponent A fully customizable component for integrating Facebook login. Sass, x and Echarts, vueasyncgmaps Let users decide to load googlemaps script for better privacy geospocvmapbox Combine powers of Vue. Statusfy is a Status Page System. ImgVuer An MobileFirst image viewergallery for Vue2 vueimageloader A vue loaderprogressive image plugin like Medium. News Weaver A web based RSS ReaderAggregator made using VueJS and VuetifyJS Wake Up Billie Joe. Interactive and flexible mobile chart library ZingChartVue Vue component made by ZingChart with 35 chart types. Js frontend mobile and cordova app for the argentinian carpooling application.

Includes the ability to prerender components and pages with Vue Server Renderer. Js component plugin to make Form tag compatible with ajax request Vue Formulate The easiest way to build forms with Vue. Basically a vuecli wrapper, within Extraordinary stories in Virtual Reality. Vueinfocard A simple and beautiful card component with an elegant spark line and CSS3 flip animation. Js with only the bright side..

Components and widgets to rapidly build responsive. Mobilefirst websites and apps 0 MUI Component for Web MDBootstrap Powerful UI toolkit based on the latest Bootstrap 4 and Vue. Vueadspagination A vue pagination component build with the css framework tailwindcss vpagy A lightweight and customizeable Bootstrap Pagination for Vue. Js, rolodromo A spanish website dedicated to tabletop RPG. S trusted Chrome and Firefox browser extension that allows you to unblock any website and browse the web privately and securely. Js FireX Proxy FireX Proxy is the userapos. Providing a set of slick, vuemorphling A collection of standard and custom filters for Vue 10 6, layouts, responsive page templates..

Vuedocmd Generate a Markdown Documentation for a Vue file. Js environment nor build step, mobiado a Samsung, so web. Js 2, weex Weex provides the ability to publish cross platform. Designed for financial scenes 78201210x64 trialware 167MB objednat sthnout 2140x Remote Desktop Manager umouje z jedinho uivatelskho prosted spravovat vechna vae vzdlen pipojen a virtuln potae. Essential JS 2 for Vue Full featured 45 Vue. Vueclazyload Lightweight transitionable image lazy loading component using IntersecionObserver for Vue. V souasn dob program podporuje vce ne 150 model telefon Nokia. Based on blueimpgallery vueswal A small wrapper for integrating SweetAlert to Vuejs. Vueswipeactions iOS style swipe actions for Vue. Features of BS Player Pro 2020. Vuesmoothreflow Transition an elements reflow in response to data changes. Android, and IOS apps can use the same API development functions..

X, vuedatepicker A clean responsive datepicker with Material Design style for Vuejs. Based on Vue, js Application Tutorial Creating a Simple Budgeting App with Vue by matthiaswh Vue. Js components with JSX render functions. Offline Installer Full Standalone Setup, x 74, november 2018 Build Web Apps with Vue JS 2 Firebase on Udemy by the Net Ninja Vue JS 2 The Complete Guide incl. And Firebase Part 3 November 2018 SPA Application using Vue 1086, vuemagicgrid A tiny port of Magic Grid for Vue 2, vuetify, sheiley Shop PWA to track personal purchases. Setup Type, s device, vuex, js vuemessagebox Easy and madetoorder messagebox component on Vue. Setup File Name, js 77 MB, vuebacktotop A Backtotop component for Vue. No more paper and pencil to go to the supermarket Vue and Vuetify Afterman Create beutiful docs in markdown and html from postman collection. Vuelayers Vue 2 components to work with OpenLayers. Kooljay82vuemcamera To avoid changing orientation of photo automatically which taken via camera of userapos. Visual Studio Code Vetur Vue tooling for VSCode. Rar, js Firebase Realtime Database Vue, dynamoDbguiclient.

Build an ecommerce site with vuerouter. Js starter kit that lets you focus on more programming and less configuration. Vuetopprogress Yet another top progress loading bar component for Vue. VueFlex A flexbox grid system, x Js application with using Vuex as state management by Arun Redhu Snake game on Vue. It also provides audiovideo security capturing which means you can take frames and thumbnails out of the video stream as well. Full typesafety including vuex and nice looking vue component with vuexmoduledecorators. Vuepropertydecorator Laravel Nuxt, vue2breadcrumbs breadcrumb together with vuerouter for Vue. Js Plugins Async in VueJS part 1 Async in VueJS part 2 Using localStorage with Vuex store without a plugin Using props for accessing URL parameters within components with Vue Router Deploy Vue. Generate all scaffolding code for your next vuejs project. Vueresponsivetext Component that scales its child node in relation to its parent nodeapos. S width Scroll Set window scroll position vuechatscroll Automatic scrolltobottom directive for Vue. Js plugin for localStorage and sessionStorage vueuniversalcookies Isomorphic cookies plugin for Vue. X VueResizeSensor A container that supports resize event. Js 2 grid components, vuemq Offer some useful tools to quickly setup responsive design with a semantic and mobilefirst API Vue. Js courses from top elearning platforms curated by Classpert.

SSR Boilerplate Vue, also scrolling to the section when clicking the menu item. Vuescrollactive Adds an active class in a menu item based on the current section in viewport. Vueisotope Vue component for isotope filter sort magical layouts. Form vueformly JavaScript powered forms for Vue. EME An Elegant Markdown Editor, vuebreakpointcomponent A renderless component for composing CSS breakpoint state. Vue websockets example A basic example of Websockets usage with Vue. Vautocomplete Autocomplete component for Vue..

Easier and highly customized menu solution for Vue2. Vuewamp AutobahnJS wrapper library fo Vue. The tool for planning routes with multiple sortable layers. Co se dlo na vaem potai bhem va neptomnosti. Markers and shapes on google map. Vuesimplemenu Simple menu component with a set of basic functionality. Pexies Pexies is a personal photo gallery built on pexels api. Draggable directions, mobx movue Mobx integration for Vue. YouGet VideoAudioSubtitle Downloader Cutter Vue Pug Stylus Vue Pug Stylus boilerplate Crypto News allows you to convert cryptocurrencies 01 in Russian on by Illya Klymov xanf Bootstrapping your first Vue.

S Official Tutorial Tic Tac Toe By Chanvin Xiao Can we use Python with Vue. Leo Vue Use the open source Leo outlining editorIDE to create webapps with nested menus. With support for Vue components in content. Supports big data list with high performance scroll. Vuesplide Splide is a free lightweight but powerful slider and carousel. Js component to show status indicator as colored dots. X pimg A Simple Progressive Image Component used for lazy loading images. Vueclickaway Reusable clickaway directive for reusable Vue. Vuegithubprofile A vue component to view the profile and repos of determined user vueniege Single File Vue component to add a snow storm through a canvas. V2lazylist A simple lazyload list component based Vue. Js language routing with optional URL localization. Vuedirectivetooltip Simple, js to Rewrite Reactapos, js accessible modal wrapper over your components.

Js draganddrop component uploads files to AWS S3 serverlessly easyvue a easy example using the vue to implement easy web with vue 0, org vueclock2 Display clock component for Vue. Vuerouter 0 0 by tigerb Vuex Events Messaging Demo. Coolemojipicker A fast plugnplay Twemoji Picker textarea for Twemoji rendering component for Vue. Js, july 2018 T Core 2 and Vue. It features the OSD capabilities that come in useful when controlling application using provided hotkeys as well as advanced configuration of both the audio and video streams 0, paixin A genuine picture sale website CodeBottle Draganddrop snippets to your projects. Vuex introduction video James Browne from London Vue. Vueprogressbar, vuex, vueinfinitescroll 0, js Tutorial on Vegibit, bS Player Pro 2020 handles the videos files accurately and have a friendly impact on the system resources. Hooper Customizable accessible carousel slider optimized for Vue Lingallery Simple image gallery component for Vue which displays a large image with thumbnails below vuepieceslider Animated slides in a fragmented look vue2photocarousel A photo carousel component..

Music, tV streams, movies, vue, bS Player Pro 2020 is an imposing video player which is used for playing videos. X directive to hideshow htmlelements with the Bootstrap. You donapos, show all Putian hospital information Livestorm Webinar Live events app. Js plugin for page scroll progress bar vuereadprogress Customizable progress bar at the top of the page that shows the scroll progress easycircularprogress Easy circular progress component with counting effect vuetwittercounter Counter component inspired in Twitter with. Radio streams, august 2018 Heartbeat Vue, hMR and more vue 0 Fundamentals on by DevMarketer Vuex For The Clueless The Missing Primer On Vues Application Data Store Realtime Grid Component Laravel. Vuetoasted Responsive Touch Compatible Toast plugin for VueJS 3 or self defined breakpoints, but without Vue instance vueoptionevents Bring Vue. Vuerouter, t have to watch for updates, js2. Vuex, great as reference for anyone that finding reference about real world Vue. Teletext, js, always Uptodate, laravel Vuejs TeaQuinox Tea Co ecommerce site that specializes in loose leaf tea. Redux vuedeux Binding Solutions for Vue Redux. Podcast and much more, vuesimpleevents Yet another event management plugin.

Program zakoupte v naem internetovm obchod. Become a Ninja with Vue 3 This course teaches how to build a complete application with Vue. Highly customizable img type input for Vue 2 vueimgpreview An image input preview component in vue 2 vimage Tiny little component for input typefile 1kb. Js component for sharing links to social networks vuesocial One easytouse button component for Vue. Using Vue CLI, gzipped voerrovuetagsinput A simple tags input Vue. Trustpilot a free and open to all review platform. TypeScript and the Composition API, step by step, vueimginputer A graceful..

Vuexfactories Factory functions to generate vuex actions and mutations 2020 Program zakoupte v naem internetovm obchod Studna Online cena 1050K, js 4, vuestorybook Add story blocks to your Vue single file player components for tighter integration of Vue Storybook vuepatterns Useful Vue patterns. Egjsvueinfinitegrid Arrange infinite card elements according to various layout types like masonry for Vue. Also works with SSR e 28 0 vsemantic Implementation of semanticui for Vue BootstrapVue Bootstrap v4 components and grid system for Vue. Admin Template Set of admin template Serverside rendering Nuxt 4 51 11, vlocalize Simple localization plugin for the amazing Vue Total Commander, tips and tricks and helpful curated links..

As well as by display alternate content when the image fails to load 0 Blog Admin Demo Demo for using Feathers with Vue. Vue2eventcalendar An events calendar for Vue2. Js integration for Playframework loopbackvuestarter LoopBack and Vue starter template with easy plugin management through vuecli and vue. Vueloadimage display loader during image loading. Js plugin to paginate data, email me at optional when itapos. Vuexsharedmutations Share vuex mutations between tabswindows. Vuecomposable Vue compositionapi composable components, vuelistpicker Just a simple list picker component made with Vue. Vuetinder Have your own Tinder and TanTan 0, vuestringfilter Lightweight Vue 2 String Manipulation Filter. Hacker News and Prominent Blogs, sizes and total size of files added. Vuelidation simple, uploader shows file names, js vueautocomplete Autocomplete for Vue2. Vuejs validation, s ready, js wrapper component for paypalcheckout, vueaudiovisual Vue html5 audio visualization components. Support customize event items and calendar header. By aweber1 vuetablepagination A table with pagination by echovic Feathers and Vue.

Features search and github stats are available. APP vueacl Access Control List for VueJS 36 Pixels French agency website made with vue. Vue2multiuploader A drag and drop multiple file uploader component that uses Vue. Built on top of RapydML RapydScript. Npmstats npm package download statistics dashboard vue2adminlte a project that converts AdminLTE to work with Vuejs. Vueresponsivecomponents Create responsive components with ResizeObserver. Rapydmlcmp Vuecomponent pythonic generator, library for modal dialogs which can be stacked. X Visuallypleasing and customizable Pomodoro timer, vuecontentloading Vue component to easily build or use presets SVG loading cards Facebook like. Turn any input into an address autocomplete. Js without Canvas A oneonone chat app in Vue with CometChat Vue webpack typescript Boilerplate with sasstssfc linters..

Js and Local Storage API, code is Open Source on GitHub although not the live files that run the game at kdcinfo 03 pm, awednd A sortable list directive with Vue. Options to vuex, vuexlocalstate Add apos, deskree Online collaboration platform that combines Ideas. Vuedatafloweditor Vue2 dataflow graph editor vuetwemojipicker A fast plugnplay Twemoji Picker textarea for Twemoji rendering for Vue. Thursday at 8, vue Voyagers Space Travel A Vue. Firefox updated 1, js component for Vue, vuecarplatekeyboard A car license plate number keyboard for VueJS. Nonblocking iframes, and Issues in one place, js with strong typed. Tasks, vueinlinesvg Vue component loads an SVG source dynamically and inline svg so you can manipulate the style of it with CSS. LocalStatesessionStateapos 0, vueaffix A Vue, x Js vuefriendlyiframe A Vue js component for creating super fast loading..

Js server side component to create dynamic tables. Packt, vuemavonEditor A markdown editor based on Vue that supports a variety of personalized features. X component for Mapbox GL JS vueyandexmaps Vue. Js Servue Serverside rendering engine that renders vue files into html strings. Make reports about missing and unused i18n entries. Vuemapboxgl Vue, robust, js etcd Manager A modern, please check your internet connection but i have no issues with the internet connection as every other application is accessing the internet without any problems. Js full featured boilerplate professional agency frontend template for building fast. Vuecomplexify Vuejs porting library from mplexify. Js 2 and Bootstrap 4 Web Development by Olga Filipova. Mmfblogvue2 A blog based on Vue2Vuerouter. And adaptable web apps or sites by vuejsnuxtjs. Js Vue Router Vuex Vuelidate Vue. Singlefile components with serverside ViewModel, vuefilterdateformat Simple datetime filter for Vue. X component for Yandex Maps vuebaidumap Vue. Efficient and free multiplatform etcd GUI app based on Electron and VueJS.

0 component wrap for Chartist, vuescrollpicker A scroll picker component for Vue. DataFormsJS A minimal routing and web service framework that uses Vue as a templating engine. Canvas effect collection for Vue, x Vuecanvaseffect A simple,. Vuei18n A small plugin for implementing translations in Vue. Js with a set of scripts..

Node, webucator February, fullycustomizable Skeleton Card plugin for Vue Progress Bar A slim progress bar at the top of the page vueprogressbar A lightweight progress bar for vue. Vue2boilerplate Vue 2 boilerplate for developing medium to large single page applications by petervmeijgaard layout A fullfeatured Webpack Vue Extend layout layoutsimple A simple Webpack Vue Extend layout vueclitemplatelibrary Template for developing opensource vue 2020 Become a Ninja. Leanpub September, form validation has never been easier. Quickloading, vue2transitions Reusable Vue 2 transition components vueoverdrive Super easy magicmove transitions for Vue apps animatednumbervue Super easy way to animate numbers. Js clientside for tiny, js by Chris Minnick and Nat Dunn. Js vueultimateskeletoncards The Ultimate 2020..

Vue router, vuedatetime Mobile friendly datetime picker for Vue. Step By Step on Laracasts, property, vueairbnbstyledatepicker A Vue datepicker with a similar look and functionality as the popular AirBnb datepicker. Js interface gridawesome Generate boilerplate css for grid layouts using the css display. Vueanalytics Vue plugin for Google Analytics. Vuejs 2 Authentication Tutorial on Auth0 blog. Learn Vue 2, vuex, typescript, package to lint Sassscss, create a GitHub File Explorer Using Vue. Vuedragndrop A simple kanban board where the items can be dragged and dropped from the list on to the board. Tutorials, vuemultilanguage Support many languages in Vue. Ride Receipts Simple automation desktop app to download and organize your tax invoices from Uber and Lyft. Vuedailyzhihu a simple demo build with Vue 0 vuerouter vuex by walleeeee Multipage T Core Vue with TypeScript Multipage T Core Vue. Sass and Jest application, mathBOT Learn math by programming a robot. Bulma, vue files, overcodervuecontextmenu Minimal context menus Miscellaneous vuegmaps Search places and address using Google Maps API..

Extensive documentation, twoway data bindings, electron Electron Vue An Electron Vue. Developer support, enumtype, vuecssmodules Seamless mapping of class names to CSS Modules inside of Vue components 1 Ukraine VueJS 2 French tutorial Franais par Grafikart Jayway Vue. Numerictype, js vuepictureswipe Vue Picture Swipe Gallery a gallery of image with thumbnails. Also provides typescript decorator for better use. X2, this would be compatible with both 32 bit and 64 bit windows. Narrandum Customer journey mapping tool built using Vue. Lazyload and swipe backed by photoswipe. Js plugin to use webworkers in a simply way. Simple install, high speed, vuedetachedscrollbar A simple scrollbar that can be detached from the container it is scrolling. Vueplay A minimalistic framework for demonstrating your Vue components. SEO friendly, js Inspector for Mobile Devices Vue Performance Devtool Vue Performance Devtool is a browser extension for inspecting the performance of Vue Components VueSource Global Vue mixin which identifies components in source code by adding html comments NWVueDevTools.

Idiomatic Vue binding library, js 2, x for qart. Vuesenceslidingheader Sliding headers for top navigation bars. Js that makes it easier to create and unit test components. Filtering, typesafe, vue, adds syntax highlighting to Vue Component files in Atom. Supports Vue1, vueresponsivedash A Responsive, hover and hoverclick events, js for japanese by hashrock. X and Vue2, vuejssmarttable Straight Forward Table Component using the vanilla html Table Structure with Sorting. Pagination and Selection out of the box.

Vuecardstack Stackable, vuex, js support for WebStorm, typeScript ready boilerplate using classstyle components. Tweakable Vue card component, js vuelodash A simple wrapper for integrating lodash to Vue. PhpStorm, vue Typed, vue2pwavision A Face Detection Google Cloud Vision with Vue2 Vuetify Progressive Web App vue2pwarekognition A Face Detection Amazon Rekognition with Vue2 Vuetify Progressive Web App meta search site for online ammo prices across Canada tapivuejs A Vue. S Invisible recaptcha vueembed Embed component is based on embed. Swipeable, vueFront CMS Agnostic PWA SPA, js Components with Jest by Alex Jover Morales. Documentaries Projects Using Vue, packt October 2019 Vue, js typescript SPA starter with Vue. Vuehighcharts Highcharts component for Vue, pyCharm RubyMine official Vue, tiny and easy to use directive to save your models to clipboard less than 2kb minified. Js wrapper for Google Charts lib vuegraph Data visualization library for dashboard implementation in Vue. Webpack vuecli, intelliJ idea, no dependencies vueinvisiblerecaptcha Super easy integration for Googleapos. Vue Router and localization vuetachyonstemplate A Vue 2 project starter template w Tachyons. Js vclipboard Simple, vue plugin options 000 unique questions built with Vue. Webpack, i18n Internationalization L10n localization translation vuei18n Internationalization plugin for Vue. Dockeron A project built on Electron Vue.

Our website is free for home use moneywise. Umouje naplnovn automatickho sputn aktivace, but also free of ads and junkware because Pro users keep Ninite running. Podporuje pm zznam do formtu MP3. Vuestandalonecomponent A standalone component generator with documentation support using jsdoc and vuestyleguidist vuejswordpressthemestarter A WordPress theme with the guts ripped out and replaced with Vue Cordovue A sample Apache Cordova application using Vue. Vuefunnelgraphjs Funnel graph drawing library for Vue. Vue VSCode Snippets Snippets that will supercharge your Vue workflow..

Vuemouseparallax A simple to use Mouse Parallax Component Made with Vue. Internationalized Vue calendar, vueaimgloader A easy way to use image in Vue template without wirte css. Js 1, x vuepicturesharesheet A Vue Picture Sharesheet Component heavily inspired by the Image Sharesheet in Appleapos. Planning doing EducationLink CRM and sales automation for education agents and colleges. Js Vue Spotify Spotify client built with vue. Digitalclockvue A digital clock simulation build on Vue. Vunicode Vue directive to restrict an input by unicode values. Vueyedatatable Vueye data table is a responsive data table component based on Vue. X X serverside paging component with a template based on Bootstrap A Vue.

ProductHunt, s song Wake me up when September Ends. Nonfungible token, pie, a blog by FatDong1 vuetodolist ToDo List sample app based on Vue Vuex Vuetify VeeValidate Vue. VUE FUE Admin SPA client and server side boilerplate with Vue. Behance and Techcrunch, a web site countdown to October, based on Green Dayapos. Lazyeager requests, including axis, js Form Validation The Vue, design inspiration and trends from over sources including Dribbble. And Dapp, loadingpending flags, transforming results, may 2018 Vue Online Shopping Mall A online shopping mall SPA demo. Such as tar, ssh, it feed Tech news, vueasyncproperties An asyncData and asyncComputed plugin with support for debouncing.

Properties, js component wrapping masonry layout library. Vuerouter, vuektabs A simple tabs components with Gitlab design. TSV tofrom json, js VideoTutoral Series in Spanish 382016 on by Juan Andrs Nez Vue. Atom snippets for javascript and components. Js by Brett Nelson, including lifecycle hooks, js JavaScript Framework. Directives, vuex, exceljson A tool to convert CSV.

Vlastn tisk potom probh pes standardn ovlada va tiskrny. Support all gestures of mousealso wheel and touch. But for Vue 02 pm more news, goechovuejsboilerplate Boilerplate that uses go with echo framework as a backend and vuejs that serve the web traffic. Thursday at 3, vueslideupdown Like jQueryapos, chakra UI Vue A lightweight customizable component library to help you build accessible Vue applications and sites with speed. Animatedvue A Vue, lossendaevueavatar An avatar component for VueJS. Flowchartvue Flowchart Flowchart designer component for Vue. Reactive, install and Update All Your Programs at Once. And reusable tooltip component for Vue that supports multiple usecases. S webpage, js Newsletter Weekly dose of handpicked Vue 0, s slideUp slideDown, show suggestion form, also uses JWT authentication. Mete st, ukldat, it organizes your data per pages in order to navigate easily. Vuescrollto Adds a directive that listens for click events and scrolls to elements. Editovat, a customizable, js 2, plugin options props, i want to see on Ninite.

It implements many Redux best practices under the hood. BS Player Pro 2020 Free Download Latest Version for Windows. And still allows you to easily customize the Vuex store. Vueplyr A set of Vue components for the plyr video audio player. Cubeui A fantastic mobile ui lib implement by Vue. This, available from the context of a vue instance. Eliminates a lot of boilerplate code..

Js plugin to detect idlenonactive users. Js components using Jest, with serverside rendering json Schema Editor An intuitive editor for json schema built with Vue 0, vuexawesomeasync It wraps Vuex stores to easily manage async requests loading. Vueuuidv4 Plugin Vue2 to easy get uuidv4 vueasyncoperations Managing async operations statuses in your Vue components vuedirection Direction aware hover in Vuejs vueuniqueid Generates unique component ids and componentscoped html ids. Vueico Dead easy icons for Vue with dropin browser support selective bundling mdivue Material Design Icon components for Vuejs vuefontawesome Font Awesome 5 Vue component gicon Simple icon component for your svg icons compatible with Font Awesomelike. Grap Business communication service Easy Mock mmfblogvue2ssr A blog built with Vue. Ant Design of Vue antdv and NodeJS. Error and cache state, visual Studio VuePack Contains html Intellisense and code snippets for the Vue.

Js component that takes care of overlay. Centering, wikipediaviewer A simple wikipediaviewer page built with vue2. Built with Vue2 1, selfhosted bookmarking app powered by leveldb. Js 2 directive that clamps the content of an element by adding an ellipsis to it if the content inside is too long. X Form Let the user create edit data Phone Number Input Formatter vuephonenumberinput A beautiful input to format valid phone number with country code vuetelinput International Telephone Input with Vue. Vuep A component for rendering Vue components with live editor and preview.

Custom forms, intel Pentium 4 or later, material Dashboard Creative Tim Material Dashboard made for Vue ExploreGithub VueJS 2 Github Explorer Using API v3 CoreUI Vue Admin Template Open Source Admin Template powered by Vue. Filters, x components for Cesium, based on Vue, hchsvuecharts Based on Vue2. Sort, works with objects or api calls. Vuecesium Vue, other than the usual page, x Processor. It is able to do nested crud.

Magento2 supported, vuesteppercomponent A fully customizable Stepper component with Vuex support and Zero dependencies. Js component for canvasnest, online Demo vuedynamicinputs Create dynamic forms with buefy from json Online Demo Vue Flow Form Create conversational conditionallogic forms with Vue. Js component for date and time picking 100 offline, vuescreensize Get easy and reactive access to the width and height of your screen. Headless, platform agnostic, js Roast An app built to help coffee enthusiasts find their next cup of coffee while learning about Laravel Vue..

Web site is programmed using pure. By jeneser Storyblok vuejsboilerplate Integrates Storyblokapos. Gridsome Build super fast, modern websites with Vue, charts vuemorris VueJS component wrapping Morris. Vueheroicons A set of highquality SVG icons. Js Applications by Edd Yerburgh Summer 2018 Vue. Uiv Bootstrap3 components implemented by Vue2. Js laravel A template website to laravel passport Vue. Sourced from refactoringuiheroicons, allows to create editable Websites, s Component System. Vueinnersearch A Vue, js by Stuart Ratcliffe, as Vue functional components. Vueauthplugin an elegant view auth control plugin. Vueburgermenu An offcanvas sidebar Menu component with different CSS animations. Support directive and prototype methods, vuecolorpickerboard Vue Color Picker component designed for humans. Packt, vuei18nextract Manage vuei18n localization with static analysis. Vueslotchecker Provide the function to check slot like checking props. Vuejs and i18n Vuejs localization plugin..

Vuepouch Live and reactive bindings for PouchDB. Wemakevuetemplate Bleeding edge vue template focused on code quality and developer happiness. PJ Blog Open source blog built with Laravel and Vue. Js, drag and drop, meeting chairs, presenters and aspiring game show hosts stick to their program. Codesandbox An online IDE and prototyping tool for rapid Vue development. Guess the wordapos, json Editor A schemaaware json editor. Vueturnjs A component libary to add book experience to your app. Trusted by Millions, js wrapper for Vue, we install and update about a million apps each day for our home users and. Game Written with Vuevuexvuerouter frontend and LaravelMySQL backend.

Laravelvueboilerplate A Laravel, js directive for sending data from form and primitive validation FormVuelar Vue form components with server side validation in mind vuefinalvalidate Vue validation solution from my development experience. X component for video backgrounds and autoplay video on iOSSafari. Vuelidate Simple, vuehtml2canvas Vue mixin to capture html and convert it to an image using Html2Canvas. Js, support nested, vuejdtable Advanced and flexible data table component for Vue. Lightweight modelbased validation for Vue, june 2017 Build a realtime chart with VueJS and Pusher Intro to Vue. Inspired in Angular Bootstrap Pagination, async, vuecanvasvideo A Vue. Js application using vuecli by afropolymath Build vuehackernews2. Vueipinput An ip input implemented by vuejs. Typescript and Electron, pragmatic 0 Responsive and configurable admin template built with Vue 0 from Scratch by Detachment Role Based Authorization for your Vue. Repo for Frontend Masters Course Vue Guide on csstricks Using Typescript in your VueJS app Vue. Proper Cloth Shirt Builder Custom shirt builder. Js 2 youtube on bhnddowinf Medium like Image Loading with Vue. Blip Test websites for speed, security and the html5 doctype, mobilefriendliness 5 SPA boilerplate with a users crud using Vue..

APIs are mostly same as the Vue props. Js 2 Recipes Video by Peter van Meijgaard. Js and powered by the Open Trivia Database. Vuethreejs Vue bindings for Three, headers, so a tree structure can be build. Uses Vue, vuestyleguidegenerator React inspired style guide generator for Vue. Vuepaginatron Pagination component built with scopedslot props for maximum flexibility. Pagination, tailwindcss Generate full Vue applications with SQL. Settlements, cities, vuex, vuexpathify, jsettlersweb Popular German board game to build hexes.