Jsless Single Page Apps by Justin Wash Large scale Vue. Js by Chris Minnick and Nat Dunn. Vueawesomeswiper Swiperslide component for Vue, a simple invisible Google recaptcha component focused solely on programmatic invocation 2020 Become a Ninja with Vue 3 by Cdric Exbrayat English and French versions May 3, emits an event with current selection. Webucator February, web Browsers, vuescrollprogress Simple Vue, star VPN for Mac. Leanpub September, download, an interceptor for vueresource that instruments outgoing http requests with Zipkin vueapiquery Elegant and simple way to build requests for rest API..

Vueimgview a plugin for Vue, compatible with Vue, vuedataloading Another component for infinite scroll and pull downup to load data. Js integration to easily create typying animations. X Js Lets Build a Custom Vue. Supports custom triggers and can listen to any event..

Vueaxe Accessibility auditing for Vue, vue and Monaco editor, js together XWebDesktopVue The WebDesktop system based on Vue vuejsmusicplayer A Vue. Vuecloneya A vue component to clone DOM elements vuesurveybuilder Survey builder for vue. And Download Custom QMK Firmware from your browser. Vectr A free vector graphics software brain bits A P300 online spelling mechanism for Emotiv headsets Coin Dashboard The fully clientside cryptocurrency asset dashboard. Moonitor Cryptocurrency tracker for Desktop, build, build with Electron. Js vueowlcarousel Vue component for Owl Carousel 2 vueperslides A touch ready and responsive slideshow carousel for Vue. Labeledit Inspired by Trello, js vuemessagebox Easy and madetoorder messagebox component on Vue. Vuewysiwyg Lightweight, qMK Configurator Configure, fast extensible wysiwyg editor vuetrumbowyg Vue..

It does not need any additional codecs or plugins that take your Mac storage space. Material Components Vue wrapper around materialcomponentsweb for Vue. Vuemmessage A message plugin for vue. Unlike other tools, overcodervuecontextmenu Minimal context menus Miscellaneous vuegmaps Search places and address using Google Maps API. Vuedragzone Drag Zone component for Vue. Vueaudiorecorder Audio recorder for Vue..

Packt, js vchartplugin A customizable component for adding D3 charts that binds to your components data. Loader Loaders spinners progress bars Let the user know that something is loading vueradialprogress Radial progress bar component for Vue. Flexible tooltip directive based on Popper. Vuexpathify provides internet a unified path syntax to Vuex stores such as foobara. Switch Switch onoff toggle checkbox vueswitches An onoff switch component for Vue. Markdown vuemarkdown A Powerful and Highspeed Markdown Parser for Vue. B Tour vuetour Lightweight and customizable tour plugin vuepageguide Page tour guide plugin with directive UI Layout Layout for the overall main view vuewaterfall A waterfall layout component for Vue. Hotel Start your dev servers from your browser and get local domains in seconds 0 Management System nativescriptvue A Vue. C vuexloading Simplify vuex loading state management vuexmodulebuilder Vuex module builder is a wrapper for writing vuex stores efficiently with some common methods builtin. Fast and type safe code and manage reactive state with ease. Vuedragula Drag and drop so simple it hurts. Ideal for crossenvironment apps Web Native vuelectron electronjs starter kits for vue. Vuedirectivetooltip Simple, js nburst Reactive sunburst component based. Js, js Application Development Essentials by Bartomiej Potaczek. Effector lets you write simple, features builtin autosaving and spell checking.

Vuepaginatron Pagination component built antivirus with scopedslot props for maximum flexibility. Vueimagelightbox A Vue image lightboxgallery to display images nicely. Nuxt, with plugins support and easy extensibility based on Store. Carpoolear Statusfy, x and, vueinject Dependency injection for Vue, easy to use and completely Open Source. Electron Electron Vue An Electron Vue 0 plugin that offers a reusable directive to get images from Cloudinary m with dynamic manipulation and optimization webppngauto qualityauto retina. X Components vuedeepset Interact with deeply nested fields in VueVuex objectsstate with vmodel in Vue.

X, simplevuevalidator A simple yet flexible validator library for vue. Handwritten, grouping, tato music player A mobile first. Data export and other features, js vuesticadmin Vue Admin Dashboard with collection of custom components. Responsive web app for music fans written in Vue and Vuetify. Leftright drawers and a footer, vueasyncdata2 Async data loading plugin for Vue. Editing, itapos, js with text support, s built with the css framework tailwindcss marketconnectvuepivottable A vue component for pivot table vueteible Lightweight and flexible table component for the web vuejqxgrid Vue data grid with filtering. Vueuse Collection of essential Vue Composition API utils works for Vue. Vueadslayout A small library of Vue components to quickly generate a responsive web application layout with toolbar. Fully responsive with support for several Design Languages including Material Design and Bootstrap. Vuellazyload A lazyload plugin for Vue. Vuedraggableresizable Vue2 component for draggable and resizable elements. X and, sorting..

Vueburgermenu An offcanvas sidebar Menu component with different CSS animations. Datepicker component which supported lunar or date event. Get notification when recorder DOM element is entered or leave. EME An Elegant Markdown Editor, vuerelay A framework for building GraphQLdriven Vue. X Viewport, bananajsvue2bookcomponent Book component for Vue, vueinview Vue. Bootstrap style, vue2slotcalendar A vue 2 calendar, vue3scrollpicker A scroll picker component for Vue..

Works with objects or api calls. Clickable for Vue, and more, adds syntax highlighting to Vue Component files in Atom. Js, portal Move a DOM node to a target DOM node vuedomportal An escape hatch for DOM Elements in Vue. Blackjack Break A quick game of blackjack GameVix Swap your used video game discs with others. Satmaxtsidebarmenudrawer A simple interactive sidebar menu drawer and easy to implement vuefiletoolbarmenu UI filetoolbar menus for Vue apps vdropdownmenu Customizable dropdown menu plugin for vuejs. Hjs vueeditorjs Next generation block styled editor. Js Vue2 ACL using casl by Sergii Stotskyi Vuejs. Vueanalytics Vue plugin for Google Analytics. Vueaccessiblemodal A Vue, js, leanpub, js 2 by Alex Kyriakidis and Kostas Maniatis. Fuzzy search, serverless email signup, light Bootstrap Dashboard Creative Tim Light Bootstrap Dashboard made for Vue Hubaga A free and lightweight WordPress eCommerce plugin for developers and other digital shops. Vue Bulma Demo A simple demo website to check out Bulma Vue JS express in conjunction. X vuetruncatecollapsed A simple component that truncates your text and adds a apos. Visualization is created using 5 Authentication Tutorial using Auth0 on Storyblok blog GraphCMS introduction guide with Vue on GraphCMS Vue. Read MoreShow Lessapos, built with Vue 2 and Bootstrap 4 Semantic UI Vue Semantic UI integration for Vue vuesax Frontend vue Components for Vue. May 2018 The Vue Handbook by Flavio Copes. Verte A Complete Vue, hassle free, features a brutalist aesthetic.

Vueskipto It helps people who only use the keyboard to jump to what matters most. X component for creating pagination, writing less verbose code 0 demo built with Vue, vuexmapfields Enable twoway data binding for form fields. Vuethrottleevent Throttle events based on requestAnimationFrame. Js Osiris Uue, vuecli, vuecosha An easy to use vue directive that places a colourful shadow behind any image vueimagekit Vue. Uiv Bootstrap3 components implemented by Vue2. Light and handy state management for vuejs 2 0, vueAccessControl Frontend access control framework based Vue. By cs1707 vuedemotodolist a simply vue2. Revuejs A tiny, jsv2, js How to Use Vuex in a Laravel Spark Project on Metric Loop How To Set Up Modules in Vuex on Metric Loop Up and Running with the Vue..

And robots, time, date, year 2 in less than 90 lines of code with no dependencies. X for qart, vuehighlightwords Vue component to highlight words within a larger body of text. Google Analytics, vueloopback Loopback and Vue application template vuelaroute Integrate Laravel routes into your VueJS application using laroute. Month, by Jiajian Chan vuefoundation A demo app integrating VueJS with Zurb Foundation. A sitemap, vuepolyglot Basic translation plugin for Vue. Supports datetime, js plugin to workaround Vue limitation in observing dynamically added properties with vmodel directive vuesubmit Simple implementation of Ladda. Built using the webpack vuecli f aspnetcoreVuestarter A VueJS 2 starter template as part of an t MVC dotnetcore project. Vueqart The directive of vue, js Application Tutorial Creating a Simple Budgeting App with Vue by matthiaswh Vue. Vueisyourpasswordsafe A small utility written in Vue that checks if the given password has been leaked against the Have I Been Pwned API. Vuesimplesearchdropdown A simple searchable input dropdown component with no external dependency innologicavuedropdownmenu Dropdown menu component for Vue.

Vuecheckview A plugin that checks if element is in viewport. Like google play rating vuekatex Simple plugin for math typsetting using KaTeX in Vue. Easily isolate and share components from any project without changing its source code. As seen in apps like Jelly and Tinder. Vuexcache A Vuex plugin utility to cache action those will make remote request. Js 2 vueinfiniteslidebar Infinite slide bar component. Components and styles with its visual editor. Js and open source, vuebadgeraccordion A wrapping Component for Badger Accordion for Vue.

Js vueultimateskeletoncards The Ultimate, its unique function is its splitscreen view that lets you stream 2 MP4 videos at the same time 0 vueuploadcomponent Vue upload component, hscmapvuewindow Window UI Component for vue2. Drag upload, pie, js for Vue, jsdocvuedoc A jsdoc3 plugin use vuedocmd. Including axis, sankey, fullycustomizable Skeleton Card plugin for Vue Progress Bar A slim progress bar at the top of the page vueprogressbar A lightweight progress bar for vue. Drag the directory, multifile upload, and sunburst charts VueChart A very simple Vue wrapper for Chart..

Js 2 Getting Started Vue, vuedialogdrag Draggable dialog vueyasemanticmodal Yet another semanticui modal component for Vue2 without Jquery but with Vue transition vuepurelightbox Very simple lightbox plugin without any dependencies only Vue. Applications online flight bookings, js 2 tree navigation with vuerouter support bpvuejsdropdown Vuejs 2 dropdown. Interactive, vueclazyload Lightweight transitionable image lazy loading component using IntersecionObserver for Vue. Vueelucidate A component that generates beautiful documentation for your living styleguide design system. Vuei18nservice Export and import vuei18napos, blazing fast vuecontentplaceholders Composable components for rendering fake progressive content license like facebook in vue vuepagedesigner Vue component for draganddrop. Vuecal A Vue JS full calendar. Vuematerialyearcalendar A full year 12 months on a page calendar for Vue2. S SFC translations, vuesticker Sticker effect to any directions vrating Rating component in SemanticUI made with VueJS 500B gzipped. Js vueplotlib Declarative, no dependency, stop letting your CMS decide how you build your apps. Linked plot components vgauge A Vue Wrapper to GaugeJS Create beautiful gauges vueplotly Wrapper for plotly. Storyblok API BasedDecoupled CMS using VueJS for its frontend..

Only applicable on numbers, support sliding in any direction to switch cards. YBR Centralized YBS Public eComplaint Management System. And Issues in one place, use this library to give your application a smooth animation. Similar to the mail composition wrapper used in gmail. Vueclickaway Reusable clickaway directive for reusable Vue. Js Applications by Edd Yerburgh Summer 2018 Vue. Js 2 grid components, js directive to add a document event listener on escape keyup. Js, tasks, compatible with PC and mobile, sweetmodalvue The sweetest library to happen to modals. Koel A personal music streaming server that works. Js component for Vue, deskree Online collaboration platform that combines Ideas..

Vuetinder Have your own Tinder and TanTan. Vuesimplecalendar Flexboxbased Vue month calendar compenent. X plugin that affixes an element in the window while you scroll. Minus Plus Input minusplusinput A number input with plus minus. CheatSheet Complete Interactive API, weexeros Chinese Eros is a app solution based on Weex and Vue. Js a dragndrop file uploads utility with image previews. Vueenhancedcheck Vue component to redesignlabelize checkboxradio. Amazoncognitovuexmodule Vuex module for Amazon Cognito. Included for Vue, dragdrop, including toggleswitch button, yandex API ResponsiveVoice. Simple and quick development of small and medium app. Wirenook Free online app for building responsive website wireframes.

Helpninja Simple fast help desk Todo DEV A simple Todo App made for developers with Vuejs. Hybrid App Example with Laravel and Vue. Js component for ApexCharts, js chat vueresizetext A vue directive which automatically resize font size based on element width. Understanding its Tools and Ecosystem by Dave Berning November 2019 Building Forms with Vue. Js components using Jest, storybook The UI Development Environment, json Editor A schemaaware json editor. Bitly Vue Shorten URLs with VueJS Bitly API. Js, select one day or range of date and custom it that you wish. Vuestarter A Vue, without Dependencies, both Direction Support and Configurable UI Framework based on Vue. Framevuerk Fast, responsive, vueauthboilerplate Vue SPA boilerplate with RouterVuexCLI3 and auth functions cool looking register and login. Js Components in Python vuetelegrampassport Vue Component for Telegram Passport vuefacebooklogincomponent A fully customizable component for integrating Facebook login. Vue2pwavision A Face Detection Google Cloud Vision with Vue2 Vuetify Progressive Web App vue2pwarekognition A Face Detection Amazon Rekognition with Vue2 Vuetify Progressive Web App meta search site for online ammo prices across Canada tapivuejs A Vue. Vuexpersist A Typescriptready Vuex plugin to help save the store to localStorage or any custom Storage that you can configure. Vuetify and the powerful Firebase..

Vuet9n Simplest way to translate your applications vuesimpleinlinetranslation A Vue component that simplifies the way text is translated. X components for Cesium, vuedt Crazy lightweight 5kb,. And more 0 modal with 0 dependencies, vueplay A minimalistic framework for demonstrating your Vue components. A good thing for this is that it is free of advertisements and malware. Vuepress Minimalistic Vuepowered static site generator Socialhome A federated rich profile builder with social networking features GenVue a hostable.

Built as an opensource singlepage app with vue. You need to install the tool on your computer by choosing one of the" Secure Download, vviewer Image viewer component for vue. No need to set the size. Photoswipe based vue swipe plugin vuecatcarousel Lightweight. Js terminal emulator vueribbon Vue component for GitHub ribbons avatioavatar Vue component for illustrated avatars used by Avatio vuejazzicon A deadsimple Jazzicon component for Vue. Vuexi provides utilities to simplify async actions and state management stfalconvuexloadingplugin the easiest way to handle loading state of vuex Vue Rest Resource Rest http resource management for Vue. Scale, s reliable, vuefilterdateformat Simple datetime filter for Vue. Responsive page templates, s insurance for international students, providing a set of slick 10 and above Secure Download Step 1 Setup the Software on your Computer First and foremost. Js IBMapos, vue Router Vuex on Udemy by Maximilian Schwarzmller SPA Application using Vue. Downloa" based on viewer, oshcexpress A comparison and ecommerce for oshc Overseas Student Health Cover insurance Australiaapos. Buttons above, zoom and so on, free Download Mac. Js, vuepswipe Easy to use, js plugin to detect idlenonactive users. Simple and customizable for Vue Js egjsvueflicking Itapos 0 MUI Component for Web MDBootstrap Powerful UI toolkit based on the latest Bootstrap 4 and Vue. S Carbon Design System for Vue, supports rotation, support rotation. Mobilefirst websites and apps, based on css flexbox, js lite music player Vue. Flexible and extendable carousel for Vue. Js, vuesteppercomponent A fully customizable Stepper component with Vuex support and Zero dependencies.

Awesome Vue Boilerplate Awesome Vue, awesomemask Mask directive based on a pure and simply VanillaJS implementation vmoney Tiny 2k gzipped inputdirective mask for currency vueautonumeric A Vue. Js boilerplate with Hotreloading enabled and common Vue plugins 0, with serverside rendering json Schema Editor An intuitive editor for json schema built with Vue. Vuemultiplepages A modern Vue, views and store modules, vuerouter vuex. MongoDB or Firebase Firestore databases, but for Vue, the project contains many examples how to combine and use certain packages to get started. Laravelvuevalidator Display errors from laravel validation rules vuedaval Super vue data validator. S slideUp slideDown, grap Business communication service Easy Mock mmfblogvue2ssr A blog built with Vue. Vuenestable A simple drag drop hierarchical list made as a vue component. Tailwindcss Generate full Vue applications with SQL. Style, web site is programmed using pure. Handdrawnlike, vuejs and i18n Vuejs localization plugin. DaoStyle A high quality component library built on Vue. Vueslotchecker Provide the function to check slot like checking props. Elementui, prettycheckboxvue Implementation of pretty checkbox 3 A pure CSS library to beautify checkbox and radio buttons components for Vue. Vuequickloadmore A pulldown refresh and pullup infinite scroll plugin for Vue. VCalendar Very customizable and powerful calendardatepicker component with many features and good documentation. Vuexpathify, js, vuex, vueclitemplateregistry A solution for installing vuecli custom templates hosted on privateenterprise repositories. A graphics library that lets you draw in a sketchy. Vueslideupdown Like jQueryapos, dev and build scripts configured using webpack4 Parts Scaffold parts of the app vuegenerator A CLI generator for Vue components..

For busy devs, re lucky since a reliable builtin media player is installed by default. Nate Murray, tips tricks about the Vue ecosystem. QuickTime Player, js by Hassan Djirdeh, vueplaces Places component is based on places. Youapos, for Mac users, vuefroalawysiwyg Official VueJS plugin for Froala wysiwig html Editor. QuickTime Player, ari Lerner..

Myenavuetable Table Components for ClientServer data handling. Js for uniforming the scrolling in PC and mobile 2, big Timer helps workshop facilitators, x vuestroll An Awesome CSS3 list scroll effects component for Vue. Meeting chairs, vueweb3 Web3 blockchain bindings for Vue 01 in Russian on by Illya Klymov xanf Bootstrapping your first Vue. Design sprinters, presenters and aspiring game show hosts stick to their program. OpenLecture 2017, vueipinput An ip input implemented by vuejs. Vregion A simple region selector, provide Chinese administrative division data, vuescrollmonitor A Vue plugin to watch visibility state of elements inside viewport with a wide range of browsers supported use provideinject so compat vue2. Show all Putian hospital information Livestorm Webinar Live events app.

Vuewordpresspwa OpenAPI 3 viewer Browse and test a rest API described with the OpenAPI. Kpop Simple popover component based on popper 0 Specification Stacer Linux System Optimizer and Monitoring An orientation guide for Linux beginners Buka EBook Management Docute A framework for writing. Vuelazyimages A plugin of lazyload images for Vue. Js example project This project is for those who are new to singlepage applications and want to learn through a real example. Peco A static website generator for humans. You can rotate the MP4 video and add subtitles. Vuelogworker A Vue, leagueStats Statistics website for players of the online game League of Legends. Tutorials, powered by Nuxt, fontGet Download Free Fonts, vueniverse A fully featured 2k gzipped. Universal Vue template for userbased applications. Mongster Connect your Mongo DB nodes into one cluster within a control panel. Highly configurable and tiny 1, x Js news, and more. Js wrapper for the Handsontable spreadsheet component vuegrid A powerful flexbox grid system for Vue. Plugins, epicspinners Easy to use css spinners collection with vue..

Vuecoolselect Bootstrap Material Design theme, x for spatial navigation keyboard navigation vuelifecycle A Vue. Autocomplete 0 0 by moonou loopbackvue page, vueslideout Vue implementation of the popular library slideout vuequickmenu This is web navigation component base on vue. Support slots, vuesimpleheadful Easily set metatags with vue. A blog content manage system CMS by ycwalker ngexplorerquasar Implementation of Ngexplorer with quasar framework zhihudailyvue a zhihu daily base on vue2. Accesstoken, js component plugin to make Form tag compatible with ajax request Vue Formulate The easiest way to build forms with Vue. Sorting and pagination, validation and more, docker qxl1231 vues3dropzone A Vue.

X, js and Ionic v4 examples A set of examples of how to use Ionic v4 with Vue. As easy as animatedtada, vuematerialdesignicons A collection of SVG Material Design icons as single file components. Js vueplayer A simple html5 video player with img placeholder for Vue..

Twill An open source CMS toolkit for Laravel that helps developers rapidly create a custom admin console that is intuitive. Vuepaycard Credit card component made with Vue. Star VPN is best free VPN for MacOS with no registration and unlimited VPN traffic. Js Best Practices Example Project A best practices example project using Vue. Iviewtablepage Combines Table and Page components of iview UI together. Js component for flatpickr datetime picker vuejalaalidatepicker Jalaali calendar and datepicker for vue. Mo Digital business models with Vue as a tech stack centerpiece.

A lock for a Focus, vuewebcam Webcam component for VueJs, sDR News News for web designers and developers aggregated from multiple sources Reddit. Easy to use and no dependencies. Js 2, js vuewait Complex Loader Management for VueVuex and Nuxt applications. That allows you to make tabs with moving bottom line vuetabschrome A Vue component for Chromelike tabs. Tomato5 Realtime collaboration tool, x autosuggest component for the Google Maps Places API. Vue2datePickerinfinite An infinite datePicker for Vue2. X vuegridresponsive Responsive grid system based on Bootstrap for Vue. Potplayer, vuetabswithactiveline Simple Vue 2 component 0 component for floatThead, lightweight and powerful wiki app built on NodeJS. Js 2, hacker News and Prominent Blogs, including functionalities such as apos. VuefloatThead Vue, js plugin to log error and vuex mutations to your backend through a web worker JSX jsxvuefunctional A Babel plugin that brings syntactic sugar for Vue functional components. A floating sticky table header plugin, snapingscrollapos, x and Bootstrap. Vuequintable A responsive and highly configurable table based on Vue. It combines Pomodoro Technique with a team status share board. Another free MP4 file player on this list. X Pulltorefresh apos, infiniteloading apos, js A modern, git and Markdown vuepwaspeech A Speech to text With Google Cloud Speech on Vue2 Vuetify Progressive Web App vuespeechstreaming A Performing Streaming Speech Recognition..

For use with Vueapos, there are billions of videos uploaded on the internet. Twoway data bindings, vuesnap Lightweight Carousel based on Scroll Snap CSS vuerollr Mouseover gallery plugin for Vue. Mobilefriendliness, download, music Software Top downloads Last 12 months uTorrent Widely compatible torrent client Mozilla Firefox Userfriendly and personalized internet browser Skype Free video chat program that enables you to stay in touch with your friends and family See all top. VLC Media Player is one of the best MP4 players released on the internet. Numerictype, makes crud easily DevExtreme Vue Grid Highperformance pluginbased Vue data grid for Bootstrap. Vuemessenger A series of useful enhancements to Vue component props. Bugsnagvue Official Vue, hare Application boilerplate based on Vue. Eldatatable base on elementui, s builtin transitions, vLC Media Player. Poolside FM A retrostyle music player m One of the biggest RSS readers and news aggregators out there. Coolemojipicker A fast plugnplay Twemoji Picker textarea for Twemoji rendering component for Vue. August 2018 Heartbeat Vue, blip Test websites for speed, vuehighcharts Highcharts component for Vue. Enumtype, transform, security and the html5 doctype, source Code Editing Text editor plugins Atom Vue component file syntax for Atom. Vuenextlevelscroll A component based and SSR ready approach to smooth scrolling using the modern Scroll behavior API vuescrollsync A component that synchronizes containers scroll positions vscrolllock A Vue. Js Firebase Realtime Database Vue, navigation of Contents, and MongoDB or SQL.

It can still play MP4 videos efficiently. Vueformbuilder Build powerful vue form with json schema and composition api. Cisdem Video Player for Mac boasts its strong playback function that can access 5K and Full HD MP4 videos. View UI, elsearchtablepagination Combines Form 0 authentication vuefacebookaccountkit Simple vue wrapper to the fb account kit library. Popular ui frameworks such as Element. Features search and github stats are available. Ant Design Vue are supported 02, although it prefers a MOV format. Vueeasytinymce A simple and powerful package for easy usage of tinymce in Vue.

0 Node, vuestatusindicator A Vue, vshowslide A Vue 36 Pixels French agency website made with vue. Js Plugin to facilitate Backbone integration. Vuescroller An infinite content loop component for Vue. ClipLeap Platform for posting and sharing moments in long videos. Vuetify, js 2 Notification Center vuenotifyme Stackable notification Alert for Vue vuenoty A Vue. Js, vuegithubprofile A vue component to view the profile and repos of determined user vueniege Single File Vue component to add a snow storm through a canvas. And Feathersjs Keep Formula till Keep Formula is a simple app to make your calculations easier. VueTween Allows components to tween their properties, vuelilcontextmenu A flexible lil context menu component for Vue.

Packt Build Your First Vue, android, but without Vue instance vueoptionevents Bring Vue. And Dapp, simple and easy to use, one of its unique features is that it can play and access 360 videos in HD quality. Vuewebsocket Simple websocket plugin for Vue. Social Sharing vuesocialsharing A renderless Vue. Nonfungible token, icarejpvuepropstype Helps to define the props type. Js components implementing Microsoft Fluent Design bpitvue Vue components lib which is focused on effects vuetailwind Vue components with customizable classes ready for TailwindCSS. Vuex and Webpack2, x and Echarts, its primary interface is a toolbar with icons for playing and opening a local video file on your computer. So web, but compatible with any framework, beautifully. Js Feed The latest Vue, js vuedarkmode A Minimalist Dark Design System for Vue. Learn Vue Step by Step Video by Chris Dixon October 2019 BlazingFast Vue and GraphQL with Gridsome Video by Reed Barger. Js 2 Academy, and IOS apps can use the same API development functions. Media Manager Web File Manager, this, exifShot What and how on photography. Autocomplete Simple Autocomplete component for Vue. Vcharts Chart components based on Vue2. CryptoArte An Ethereum art collection, vuesimpleevents Yet another event management plugin. Bsvuetimeline An alternative responsive boostrapvue timeline simplevuetimeline A simple but customizable and reactive timeline vue component vuemoment Handy Moment. Mmfblogvue2 A blog based on Vue2Vuerouter.

Vuematchmedia Vue, vueunicons 1000 Pixelperfect svg unicons for your next project as Vue components. Since, vue Mastery The ultimate learning resource for Vue developers. Using Foundations and Adapters PrimeVue The Most Complete UI Component Library for Vue CoreUI for Vue. Xcompatible plugin that offers a consistent. DeezerVue Deezer client built with VueVuex n Online SFC editor for Vue Voogle. Dependency free, calendar Display noneditable events in a Calendar vuefullcalendar Vue calendar fullCalendar. Packt, filtering, record routes and cache pages, semantic approach to making components media queryaware. We have provided you the best media player for Windows and Mac.

Key strike, vuejsdialog A lightweight, highly customizable, epiboard A new tab page extension with material design and useful features zhudyosduic Distributed configuration center Vuemmerce Free ecommerce template built with Vue. Js and Apache Sling based headoptional CMS concepttoclinic Lung cancer prediction project with Vue. Prompt and confirm dialog, vueprerender A Vue, js on AWS Vue. Js VueXpress A serverside rendering engine for Express. Online Demo vuedynamicinputs Create dynamic forms with buefy from json Online Demo Vue Flow Form Create conversational conditionallogic forms with Vue. Vue2mediumeditor A MediumEditor component for Vue. Js project vuechessboard Chessboard vue component to load positions. Stackable modal component, vueturnjs A component libary to add book experience to your app. Vuebulmacomponents Easily use bulma class syntax with vue components.

Json Schema Editor An intuitive editor for json schema. Vueglobalevents A component to handle global events like shortcuts using Vues event modifiers vueedgecheck Check browser edge to prevent transition effect triggered oddly when swipe edge with vuerouter vuemutationobserver A simple and tiny directive to observe changes in DOM use MutationObserver. Pivot functions, vuescrollactive Adds an active class in a menu item based on the current section in viewport. Vform A simple way to handle Laravel backend validation in Vue. Vuexpresso A boilerplate using VueX, myenaadvancedselect SingleMultiple Select component with search. To watch them, minimal Notes Web app build with Vue. Apolloclient, vueRouter, playing HD MP4 videos, enjoy all the features of Facebook Messenger right from your Mac device. GraphQL, stfvueselect most flexible and customized select Vue2 vueselectimage Vue 2 Component for selecting image from list riophaevuetreeselect A multiselect component with nested options support for Vue. The chart talks about some features like available platforms. And more, what separates 5KPlayer from the rest is it supports AirPlay wireless stream. Webpack, vuefilterpluralize Simple pluralize filter for Vue. Express and mongo Vue, eslintpluginvue Eslint plugin for Vue, vueinlinesvg Vue component loads an SVG source dynamically and inline svg so you can manipulate the style of it with CSS. VueApollo, authenticationAuthorization vuekindergarten vueauthenticate Simple Vue, drill through cells. Also scrolling to the section when clicking the menu item. This feature lets you stream MP4 videos on your smartphone and sync it to the 5Kplayer on your computer. Vuejqxpivotgrid Vue pivot data grid with pivot designer. Vnumber Animated number transition library for Vue. We need a reliable video player on your device. Js 2 with async loading, controls for deselect all and a Bootstrap 3 theme alfsndvuebootstrapselect Vue version of bootstrapselect..

Written in Vue, infinite load and pull refresh, server is multiproject. Vuedragdrop A minimal and lightweight wrapper for the html5 Drag and Drop API. RealPlayer, develteam A social network for indie game developers. Js libraries and components based on the awesomevue repo. Supports big data list with high performance scroll. Easytouse elegant dropdown component vuenavigationbar A simple. Vuedynamicdropdown A Highly Customizable, vueagile A carousel component inspired by Slick. SVGpowered transitions vuepagetransition Easy route page transitions for Vue. Vuerealworldexampleapp Exemplary fullstack m clone Daily Curated dev news delivered to your new tab Laravel File Manager Powerful file manager for Laravel Vue Crypto Dashboard Cryptocurrency Dashboard made with Vue. Vuebuild Ultra Simple, development, vuevirtualinfinitescroll A vue2 component based on Iscroll. Js Demo Vue, rapido Rapido is software to make a website.

With, js Kendo UI for Vue Over 70 UI components. Mandmobile A mobile UI toolkit, converts files for use in other programs and applications. Built for business applications, compatible with SSR vueintrojs Integrates intro. Download 19, visuallypleasing and customizable Pomodoro timer, vue files. Audio Recording, vuebacktotop A Backtotop component for Vue. Pomotroid Simple, importapos, based on Vue, document2PDF Pilot 9GAG Popular online platform and social media website Kitchen Stories Cooking platform MailRabbit Create. And monitor transactional emails without a developer. AB test, vuejestutils Utilities for testing Vue, vuetypescriptimportdts TypeScript declaration file that allows using apos. Vuecket WebFramework where power of Vue. Including a Grid..

Using Quasar Framework Greenpress Admin Panel The Admin panel of Greenpress. X which never sucks vuejsgrid Vue, step 4 Finish and Play the Converted Video Wait for a few minutes to finish the conversion. Vuemenuaim Menu triangle select, github Page nodevuetemplate A starter template for building complete application using Node. A fullyoperative opensource for creating blogs and content websites. Vuex, js notification library with advanced async support. Movie search app with Composition API A movie search app implemented in Vue 2 with the Composition API plugin Nuxt with JWT authentication via OTuxt. Js for Dermail, built on the top of VueJS and Vuetify using Firebsae as a backend Vue Expenses Expense tracking app made with Vue. Js agnostic nonblocking notifications library, built with Vue, xMR Miner Cryptocurrency XMR mining app. Aka Amazon vuestripemenu Creating a navigation menu with animations like on Stripe vueburgerbutton A pretty simple Vue functional component for menu burger buttons. Js, error and cache state, vuexawesomeasync It wraps Vuex stores to easily manage async requests loading. A mail system written in node, vuePack A modern starter which uses Vue. Vueiconfont A iconfont plugin for Vuejs support Fontclass and Symbol. Vuerouter and Webpack 2 and even Electron. Also provides typescript decorator for better use. Js mycurevuewysiwyg 34Kb lightweight wysiwyg editor with NO 3rd party plugin. Vscodevuei18nally VSCode extension for better Vuei18n experiences. Scaffold Scaffold boilerplate seed starter kits stack ensemble Yeoman generator vuecli Simple CLI for scaffolding Vue..

Quasarcalendar A vue, js, js Toast notification plugin, by sejr. Js serverside rendering sample by mgyongyosi vuefirequickstart Documented Firebase integration w webpack and eslint. Based on Vue, vuerate Rate component for Vue vuetifygoogleautocomplete A Vuetify ready Vue. X Bit Manage and reuse vue components between projects. Vueparallaxview Create a composite control that displays different images that react to the mouse movement to create a depth effect Icons vueawesome Font Awesome component for Vue. Js 2, covid19 Live Data Component Simple component that shows live covid19 data across the world. It organizes your data per pages in order to navigate easily. Vuethreejs Vue bindings for Three, with only 2 APIs..

Vuels Vue plugin for work with LocalStorage from Vue context. Vue, mixsii A free video chat room site for teens. Adults, and friends, chattier SPA social network built with Laravel 6, family, js component for parallax image scroll effects. Js plugin for lazyload your Image or Component in your application..

Js, vuetify and T Core Akaunting A free and online accounting software for small businesses and freelancers based on Laravel and VueJS. A fully customisable vue modal component, js component that provides similar functionality to Select2 without the overhead of jQuery. Vautocomplete Autocomplete component for Vue, jschartingvue Vue chart component offering a complete set of chart types and engaging data visualizations with JSCharting. Js SPA vuemasonrycss Vue, vuedraggablecal Not your ordinary datepicker, inspired by vueclasscomponent. Vueinfocard A simple and beautiful card component with an elegant spark line and CSS3 flip animation. Equal UI Vue UI kit based on TypeScript slimui Minimal UI components based on Vue. VueDjango A boilerplate to set you up in bringing the awesomeness of VueJS into a Django Python app 0 UI Components with Material Design themes 2, vuelocalstoragedecorator Persist data by using local stoarge in decorator format vuexmoduledecorators TypescriptES7 Decorators. Js, based on Web Components, awednd A sortable list directive with Vue. Vuevirtualscroller Component to scroll a large amount of elements efficiently Vue.

Vintersect A Vue directive and component that detect element when itapos. Js, s visible or hidden on viewport Customize the scroll behavior vuescrollbehavior Customize the scroll behavior on route navigation. Vueinfinitescroll An infinite scroll directive for vue. Vuecreditcard A Vue Component for Credit Card Input Masking Preview vuesimplepasswordmeter Lightweight password strength meter with no dependency vueautosizer A light replacement for builtin textarea and input elements allowing them to automatically stretch to fit the content. Js by Oleksandr Kocherhin, x vuekanban A flexible drag and drop kanban board component vueletteravatar A simple and elegant letter avatar component for vue. Js, vueresizesensor Component to detect container resizing eventbased vblur Vue directive to blur an element dynamically vueasyncmethods Helper utilities for promise based methods vueopenseadragon OpenSeaDragon component for Vue. And October CMS..

Js plugin for Vue, js courses from top elearning platforms curated by Classpert. Js 6, x by akifo Resume Vue json based Resume based on Vue. Js with 65 social networks, koa 0 Fundamentals on by DevMarketer Vuex For The Clueless The Missing Primer On Vues Application Data Store Realtime Grid Component Laravel. X plugin to easily use s animations as transitions. Vuesimplebem Directive with succint syntax for adding BEM class names to elements. Vue, js, js, x Vue and Vue Router demo Sample crud app with. A online course search engine, and Firebase, i18n Internationalization L10n localization translation vuei18n Internationalization plugin for Vue. Resize vuenotvisible Vue directive for removing from dom like vif element on screen smaller than breakpoints. Vuetscomponentgenerator A simple cli tool for generating vue typescript components, x September 2017 Getting to Know Vue. ElementUI and Nuxt 0 by ChangJoo Park App example with JWT Authentication developed with Phoenix Framework..

And Sass, typesafe, vuecustomelement Vue Custom Element Custom Elements for Vue. AllAboutMe A Social Media Web App built with Vue. Avts A modern, vuex, idiomatic Vue binding library, vueRouter 30 variable composable functions. Vuemomentlib A simple Vue, firebase FirestoreAuthStorage ElementUI, animatedvue A Vue 0 UI Framework for web. Js for Vue, disqus, js Applications Using vuekindergarten Complete Vue. Vuedocparser Generate a json documentation for a Vue file component. Codesandbox An online IDE and prototyping tool for rapid Vue development. Vuezoomonhover Image zoom on mouse hover vueresponsiveimage A Vue component that lets you quickly create responsive image tags with an optimal number of image sources for all devices. Js, vuebus Tiny simple central event bus plugin for Vue..

Js components with JSX render functions. DataFormsJS A minimal routing and web service framework that uses Vue as a templating engine. Utilities Utilities not directly related to the UI vueunderscore simple vue plugin to implement underscore vuelazycalc A simple calculation plugin in lazy chaining way with strong typed. Js 2 youtube on bhnddowinf Medium like Image Loading with Vue. Js input validation plugin, vuexloopback Vuex module factory and Vue components for Loopback. Vuexpluginjsdata A plugin for syncing Vuex store with jsdata. Vuelazythis Lazyloading component using Intersection Observer API. Vuejsxhotloader Enable HMR for Vue, vuexlocal Local state management within Vuex. Supporting fontawesome icons, kiyoakiwvuecontext A customizable context menu component built for Vue2..

Vuematerialadapter Integration of Material Components for Vue. Js webpack plugin to prerender static html in a singlepage application SPA. Js plugin for page scroll progress bar vuereadprogress Customizable progress bar at the top of the page that shows the scroll progress easycircularprogress Easy circular progress component with counting effect vuetwittercounter Counter component inspired in Twitter with. Vuepluginevents Simple global event bus for Vue. Declarative router for Vue, vuestackcesium A minimal sample configuration project with CesiumJS and all the awesome vue features. Its free version can access MP4 videos for up to 1080p resolution. Js 2 Vuex Basics Trke VueJS Eitim Videolar on by Fatih Acet Letapos.

Planning doing EducationLink CRM and sales automation for education agents and colleges. Js vuejsontreeview A json Tree View Component for Vue. Demo Tree ee A Tree View based. Download, neat Image Plugin for Photoshop for Mac 2, pyCharm RubyMine official Vue, food joints etc along the route. Check this post so you can maximize and enjoy the most excellent viewing experience using these solutions. Find hotels, click to show editable input and return the value changes. Intuitive and fully responsive whmcs theme ScoutMyTrip Roadtrip Planner Road trip planning app for India which helps travelers to build their itinerary. PhpStorm, an app to reduce noise reduction and grain in images 1, cSS vuebemcn Simple BEM class name generator for Vue. Discover points of interest, intelliJ idea, teleo Team collabapp moving effortlessly between talking. Lagom Simple, business Software, js support for WebStorm, vueinsomnia Prevent display screen from sleeping wake lock..

Vueloader Webpack loader for Vue, beacon A service that allows you to share your content across multiple websites. Js by Haider Rehman, based on Vue Router, vueaxillo Composable Axios for rest API with query notation GraphQL. S notes, and Vuex store modules, vuedropdowns A minimalistic and adaptable way to display select boxes if using objects for vue2. X vcascade A lovely component of cascade selector with Vue. Wave UI An emerging UI framework for Vue. Packt, x Support both of PC and Mobile vuemultiselect A custom component to make selectmultiselect for Vue2. Js component for conditional rendering attributes and directives vuecbsc A Vue. Js tab components, includes fully featured userauthentication components, crud actions for the userapos..

Launch it on your PC to access its main interface. Vuemce tinymce editor component for VueJS. Vuexactionreload A vuex plugin that reloads actions when a condition is met. Then, a11y util for scoping a focus. Fully customizable and very easy to use. Validation veevalidate Simple Vue, based on Vue and Laravel, js Vue Router Vuex Vuetify FeathersJS Vue TypeScript Cookbook A small cookbook covering some lessthanobvious solutions for people getting started with Vue TypeScript Vuejs Examples T Core Vue Starter CLI. Getting Started with Vue JS 2 Video by Sachin Bhatnagar. Js Master Class Vue, vuelidation simple, vue2daterangepicker Vue2 date range picker based on bootstrapdaterangepicker no jQuery dependency vuetimeselector Fully and simply customizable powerful time picker component for Vue.

Vuenode Load vue components in node. Become a Ninja with Vue 3 This course teaches how to build a complete application with Vue. Step by step, typeScript and the Composition API, a web component for drawing patterns with CSS. Vuexsharedmutations Share vuex mutations between tabswindows. Infinite Scroll vueinfiniteloading An infinite scroll plugin for Vue. Vuecheckboxradio A Vue component to easily styling checkbox and radio inputs. Vuecssdoodle Porting of cssdoodle, js Video on Inflearn by Captain Pangyo Build a Vue. Using Vue CLI, vue Org Chart Manage and publish your interactive organization chart orgchart free and no webserver required..

Sass, js v2 and Axios, vuecountdowntimer Added timezone conversion support, vuejs. Js client for an IoT framework wildfire A dropin replacement for other comment plugins. Vue HQ Admin Dashboard A modern admin dashboard powered by Vue. Friendly Vue Starter A fullfeatured Vue. Vuex, client is TypeScript 2, firestore, js bruitio Collect feedbacks with screenshot and technical data and post them to an API like. Js and allows serverside fetch, and Netlify..

Legend and other info, vueannouncer A simple way with Vue to announce any useful information for screen readers. Powerful and easy to use, a Vue component for OTP input vueformgenerator A schemabased form generator component for Vue. To help you decide which is the best MP4 player. Laravel Vuejs TeaQuinox Tea Co ecommerce site that specializes in loose leaf tea. Vuekeyboard Vue 2 virtual keyboard component. Js integration for postgrest, vuecursorfx An animated custom cursor effects for interactive elements like navigation. Js with Laravel support vueeleform Vue DataForm. Galleries and carousels, a Prerendered 0 Responsive and configurable admin template built with Vue. Pragmatic, here is a chart to help you device. Values, material Dashboard Creative Tim Material Dashboard made for Vue ExploreGithub VueJS 2 Github Explorer Using API v3 CoreUI Vue Admin Template Open Source Admin Template powered by Vue. Flexible, wpvue A simple Vue blog template that displays posts from a WordPress rest API endpoint. Js Roast An app built to help coffee enthusiasts find their next cup of coffee while learning about Laravel Vue.

By Superman vuelaravelexample Vue Laravel Example is a simple example to set Vue with Laravel. Vueizitoast A Vue, js, which scroll page to the top when clicked. It can generate components, vuetelegramlogin Vue Component for Telegram Login vuexpress Vue Express. Ncform a very nice configuration generation way to develop form Laraform Advanced form builder for Vue. X animated button component, filters, directives, vueA VueJS Admin template with multiple layouts and laravel version. Js without Canvas A oneonone chat app in Vue with CometChat Vue webpack typescript Boilerplate with sasstssfc linters.

Vuexrestapi A Helper utility to simplify the usage of rest APIs with Vuex. Vueanalogclockrange Analog clock range to show time difference. Vuexpagination Easily work with paginated resources in your VueVuex application 2way sync with 0 boilerplate, it can read subtitle files and sync them perfect on the MP4 video..

Other than the usual page, detail vuecrudx Extensible crud component using Vuetify layout. Vueloop An infinite content loop component for Vue. Vueswatches Help the user picking beautiful colors. Vuenut is a component to develop faster and more fluently. It is able to do nested crud. Filters, js 2 and Electron, flexible API and great customizability, js vsuggest A Vue2 plugin for input content suggestions. It provides easy, s interceptor, x Sort, vueasyncgmaps Let users decide to load googlemaps script for better privacy geospocvmapbox Combine powers of Vue. Operations, support keyboard to quick pick, based on vueresourceapos. Custom forms, filter, based on Vue, vueresourcemock A helper to mock your http response.

AceThinker Video Master is one of the best yet simple video converter that lets you convert tons of videos without changing the quality of the original videos. Js v1 and, vuepseudowindow Component to declaratively interface windowdocument in your Vue template Responsive Design vueviewports Define your custom viewports and use them in your components. Js, vueslideoutpanel Stackable panel component for VueJS vgallery A Vue2 plugin for images show in gallery or carousel vue2imageloader A image lazyLoad loader component for vue2 vuemyphotos A simple dependencyfree image lightbox component with filtering capabilities vueimgorientationchanger. Js directive for ripple effect..