You will need Acrobat reader to view. Excel Spreadsheet for Setup, submitted by Mikey, click Here to Download! Excel Setup Sheet, special Thanks to powerglides 70 Chevelle Frame Specs, crown Vic Frame Specs. Chris., Fairfield Public Schools - Fairfield, CT I love the Go-Box. When building a house, professionals dont use a screw driver they grab a power drill because its faster and easier. An industrial-grade extension handle and 9' all-terrain wheels ensure the tool box can be rolled anywhere on the jobsite. See how it works. Save Time, save a ton of time by automating any Chromebook process you can do with an external keyboard and mouse. Special Thanks to: 2nd2none, kart Setup Sheets, click Here to, download! Matthew., Western Springs School District 101 - Illinois The Go-Box is working well, it now takes longer to plug the Chromebooks in than it takes to provision! Total savings: 0, field is required! Potential savings using Go-Box Chrome. (picture above) Scott., Neosho School District - Neosho, MO The Go-Box Chrome is a game changer for schools with 1:1 Chromebook programs. Eliminate Expensive White Glove Fees, white glove Chromebook enrollment services can cost 5 to 10 per device. Always include bounding box, l streetsSatelliteBasicOSM, copyright 2017, klokan Technologies, software applications for libraries and archives. By the end of the process we were provisioning about 200 an hour and that was only limited by man power, not the go-box! Configure, have a unique wifi configuration? Distributor or Reseller Click here if you sell or distribute technology solutions in the education vertical and are interested in adding Go-Box to your Chromebook solution set. Want to see something specific here? If you have tried automating Chromebook enrollments before, youll love Go-Box. From Jim Hammack Racing, wheelbase and Location Guage, from Jim Hammack Racing. Traditional White Glove enrollment cost for this many Chromebooks. Click Here to Download! It was easy as can be to plug them in, let it work, and then on to the next set in roughly a minute and a half the Go-Box was a life saver for me! An IP65 rated weather seal protects tools and accessories from rain and other jobsite debris. Compare Traditional White Glove Fees, traditional White Glove enrollment fee. All calculators are copyrights of  HRS Applications.2013! Glen., North Carolina Once we got the Go-Box script tweaked, it was faster than one person could do by themselves! And the Chromebook force wipe on existing units can be automated with only a few keystrokes. Simply power on and connect up to 16 new Chromebooks and Go-Box Chrome automatically does the rest in a flash. I did over 1000 Chromebooks in about 3 days by myself. I could see these in every school district within a few years. Go-Box Chrome configures any wireless network automatically, including proxy pages. Plus, switch between your pre-programmed settings from any browser in seconds. Georeferencer, mapRank Search, old Maps Online, copy Paste. Actual Chromebook Deployments Using Go-Box, go-Box Chrome Reviews, i just finished enrolling 600 Chromebooks in 3 days which used to take me over 2 weeks!

@Yorkville115 has created our own white glove service using Go-Box Chrome. Per device (adjust if desired field is required! Select the work closest to what you are doing to see an outline of key tasks, examples, and links to more detailed instructional sections. Click Below to get. (picture above) Ryan., Yorkville 115 - Yorkville, IL We had 1 person doing this job and he was able to provision all 1500 Chromebooks in 3 days. See here, the Right Tool For the Job. Cost effective and perfect for 1:1 Chromebook programs. Using a 3rd party white glove provider. Now you can power through those stacks of Chromebooks in less time and with fewer staff without the headaches and sore fingers from doing it manually. So glad I visited your booth this year! The Go-Box UI (click to view) allows you to watch your script run in real time to get it just right. See all 14 brand new listings. More Setup Sheets, stock Metric Rear Suspension Layout: Scale Plans, from Jim Hammack Racing, rear End Straightene. New condition 30 day returns - Buyer pays return shipping. Other Helping Programs and Pages: Documentation / Setup Sheets, chassis Setup Sheets, toe Guage. Rolling Tool Storage Box w/ Industrial-Grade Extension Handle. Visit The Dirt Forum Archives, click Here to Enter! Thanks for such a fantastic product! Submitted by Racer96m, click here to download! Baseline Chassis Setup Sheets *  You will need Acrobat reader to view. See more chassis video at m 2 Link LR 2 Link LR w/changes 4 Link RR 4 Link LR Broken Link? We can configure 24 machines in 2 min! Excel Spreadsheet for Metric 4 Link Rear Roll Center Calculator. Professional Customer Click here if youre a commercial organization that will use Go-Box to accelerate your white glove deployment services on Chromebooks sold to your end customers. Toolkits help you get a quick start on key activities in community work. Total0.00, field is required! The damn thing just works! Its time to graduate from home-cooked hak jobs and Arduinos and get Go-Box: The right tool for the job. Jim., Central Okanagan Public Schools - British Columbia, Canada This is great! Toolbox, back to m!